Upgrading Cottage With Modern Oak Woodwork

I have been entertained by a couple of folk who have an old cottage out in the middle of the countryside.  It is one of those idyllic places with hand crafted oak woodwork, all the doors, skirting boards, window sills etc. all made lovingly by hand.  The place is not as old as I thought, in fact it’s newer than the first house I ever bought which was from 1888.  However, this cottage has all the hallmarks of age.  The walls are not straight, the windows, although modern double glazed upvc units, had to have special fittings to make sure they sat true within the original spaces.  Then there’s the kitchen.  Whow, now there’s a project and a half!  None of the current units are very modern, and they are dark oak doors.  First thing I’d do today is call in a joinery team and have modern light oak everywhere – bring in the craftsmen!