Unrationed Furnishing & Kitchen Refits All Round

I was reading recently about how life was in the second world war.  The years have gone by fairly rapidly and there are not so many folk around who can remember with such pin sharp accuracy how the shortages and rationing affected family life in a way that we’ve not experienced since.  Not only was he recalling rationing of food and clothes, but also on furniture, cabinets or kitchen ware and household effects.  We don’t have to think twice about what we buy for our homes these days.  On a whim we can pop off down to the local furniture mega-store and choose from a miriad of colours, shapes, combinations of suites, chests of drawers and wardrobes, matching and in any colour we choose.  Those more discerning will have their wooden cabinetry hand made by local craftsmen and joiners from carefully and responsibly and sustainably sourced wood supplies.  No ration books for that utility ware kitchen refit cabinet to hold the meagre supplies.