Space Exploration Of A Totally Different Kind

I was looking at a magazine acknowledging the moon landings from 1969.  It seems such a long time ago now and for so many, it seems unbelievable and probably a bit like a science fiction joke.   No one has been up to the moon since that amazing period of our history.  Yet at the time there seemed to be this urgency to look for alternative planets on which we could survive, when our own Earth was unable to sustain us.  Climate change protests now make me wonder how far fetched that notiion would be today.  However, in the same magazine was an article about the space saving fitted furniture that was being promoted at the time to replace the cumbersome brown oak tables and chairs.  We were heralding a new bright and lightweight world that would need less space for everyone.  Well that didn’t last long – houses have been getting bigger and bigger.  Until about 15 years ago, when it was realised that someone somewhere would have to start living smaller before we ran out of space.  Kitchen cabinet sizes have certainly doubled over the years.  As has the amount of equipment and paraphinalia surrounding anything culinary!