Responsibility For Belongings Starts With A Cabinet

My young neighbours have two children – one aged 8 and the other 6 – at that very boisterous age where nothing can beat a really good scrummage and mess making activity.  Paintballing, trampolining on a muddy day, playing tag with the puppies next door.  They seem to seek out and find mess and chaos without even trying.  How their parents manage to keep such a busy pair with their feet on the ground is a mystery.

One thing is clear, they are very organised in the home.  The children have their own set of cabinets down in the family room – repeating the routine they share at school, the kids are responsible for all their belongings at home and have to put them away in these cabinets every evening before bed.  They have their own cupboards and shelves upstairs in the bathroom and bedrooms.  Who knew that additonal cabinets would bring such serenity and peace in any household?!