Refurbishing With Beautifully Sustainable Oak

When I first moved into this house it was absolutely brand new – just off the press as it were.  In fact the building contractor s were still finishing off and the paint drying as they drove off.  To fill the vast new space we’d acquired, we resisted the temptation to get lorry loads of scandinavian home made rubberboard modules.  Tempting as that would have been, pricewise.  We actually fell very lucky when a massive furniture store in the next town had to shut down – we were able to buy an amazing amount for very little dosh.  Leather sofas; dining set & sideboard, various side tables and three beds with drawer below; pictures for the walls – their ex display mixed bag of framed ‘wall fillers’.  Now some years later I have gradually replaced these sale frenzy purchases with honest, beautiful english oak – my sideboard is sooooh gorgeous and I love it all!