Recalling Grandma’s Gloriously Unfitted Kitchen

When I was growing up we used to visit my grandparents very infrequently – they seemed to live on another planet, as travel was nowhere near as easy to arrange back then.  Once a year  we would visit that dreadfully stuffy, old fashioned house with no mod cons.   The kitchen comes to mind – a grim scullery affair, a butler sink – so fashionable a must have today – with a wodden draining board.  Cold running water only.  A houdini style free standing cabinet against the far wall had a cupboard at the top, a pull down hatch door which served as the only work top in the place, and larger cupboard below for the pans.   There was a proper larder though – with a marble shelf and very strong wooden shelves above and below.  What was in that house was all wood – no mdf, upvc, plastic.  All glorious hard working oak.  If only I could see and smell it today.