Oak Comes Top For Versatility In Furnishings

The use of wood for furniture, house building and almost everything else is more prevalent in some parts of the world than others.  This will bebecause they grow much more timber than other countries and it has been considered to be replaceable and sustainable as a material since man first learnt to hack a tree down.  The early shelters were rudimentary -even before trees could be felled, the warmth of timber was appreciated and basic shelters were constructed, using any natural materials that came to hand.   Gradually man developed the knack of cutting and shaping wood for tables and chairs, eventually fashioning cabinets, dressers and trestles.  Wood is sublimely wonderful as a material.  It lasts for sevral lifetimes if cared for and kept free of mites, beetles, woodworms etc.   So many different types of tree can be used, but surely the oak is the top of the tree when it comes to the most versatile!