New Thinking Includes Wood In Refurbishments

I was looking through some recent house refit articles after seeing a fantastic property transformation on a day time tv show.  That finished result had really fired my imagination enough to seek out a magazine or two.  The current trends are really a breath of fresh air in that the idea of colour has been reintroduced to the home.  It struck that we’ve been stultified in a grey/black era for about fifteen years now.   To see gloriously proportioned kitchens with extra wide and deep cabinets and central islands, all made of oak in most cases.  It’s a fantastic return to the days of using the best of nature’s resources – trees, thus wood, is sustainable, works hard and is not so hard to care for and best of all – it looks wonderful in just about every setting.  The use of colour around the cabinet front elevations, picked out in the choice of tiles and flooring makes a truly cohesive and completely planned look.