New Bedside Chest Triggers Childhood Memories

I noticed this weekend that in my mother’s care home, all the rooms have had some improvements carried out.  It seems to be one room at a time, so much better with residents who have dementia etc.  It’s not too startling when they get moved for a few house into another area whilst the work is carried out.   Mum’s room has had new carpet, freshly painted eature far wall and huge new 4 drawer chest.   The bedside cabinet has been provided to match the chest of drawers.  My mother was thrilled with the new set, and then recalled when she was much younger, her grandfather making all their furniture in their big London townhouse.  She described in accute detail the dovetail corners in the drawers and the fancy fiigree work around each handle.  She also remembered with clarity how much she got paid for cleaning each piece down.