Mini Me Trends Could Start In Nursery Furniture

There are hundreds of huge out of town furnishing stores dotted around these days and this is just the time ofyear when they are at their busiest – according to the tv advertisements all over the evening tv.   Apparently everybody must have that brand new brightly coloured three piece sofa set ready for Christmas.  True it’s necessary for them to make it all sound jolly exciting and ‘must have – must have now’.    All the high street stores have suffered dramatic dowturns in ‘footfall’ and we are encouraged to get out there and buy to keep the stores open.  What we don’t see advertised very much is nursery and young family member furniture.  Those dear little chest of drawers and dressing tables we used to have in our houses are considered very old fashioned now, unless it comes in plastic and has something Disney inspired all over it!  If the stores did a really good range of dressers, chests and bed frames etc. in light oak or similar, it woudl encourage children to enjoy looking after their clothes and toys.  They gain that sense of being just like Mum and Dad.