Light Oak Over Dark For Positive Thinking

Looking around the garden from my rather special seat in the family room, I realise just how much we need the return of summer sunlight and warmth.  It’s been a desperately damp and dank few months and this brings down the family momentum drastically.  When we moved to this house nearly twenty years ago, it was brand new and so we decided to go down the scandi flatpack route for the dining suite and all additional storage.   I have always found that dark brownish colour, whether wood or man made not as appealing as the lighter shades.  This was borne out when I decided to buy a much coveted sideboard in a furnishing outlet sale.  It’s a beautiful light oak but it didn’t sit as nicely with my scandi rubberwood table and chairs, so I went back to the store and bought an equally stunning table and six chairs set.  The pale oak looks warm and inviting and to me reflects the light giving me a very positive feeling every time I enter and use that room which never happened in the dark brown days.