Getting Refit Back On Schedule

I have a chum who’s been a member of the wi for years and years.  She has recently lost her husband rather quickly to the big C.  I happen to know that they had been in the middle of having a massive refit of the downstairs of their very lovely 1920s bungalow and when we last spoke, things had not been going very well.  It seems that despite using a company that had come well recommended by a previous neighbour, the actual workmanship was not as tidy and reliable as they had hoped for.

When I went round to console her recently, apart from the tragedy of her personal loss, she had the worry of sorting out the half baked mess of a refit.   I showe her how to browse online and find services that she needs.  One was a good local joinery company – she’s getting sorted and feels so much happier, at least about that one problem.