From Pews & Pulpits – Oak Offers Beautiful Uses

Timber, like so many other natural products, comes in  a variety alhough we tend to refer to it as just wood, timber, oak etc.  A lot of our imported european oak timber comes from France – they still enjoy many millions of acres of forestry.   It is imported to supplement our own natural resources.    The heartwood will vary between a luscious light biscuit colour through tan to deepest brown.  This is further marked by earlywood ad latewood which is defined by the grain.  This is most often straight but can include variations such as cross grain and knots.  Rays and growth rings are very attractive in their own right and offer a silver grain when quarter cut.

This european hardwood oak is relatively hard offering  high crushing and density whilst giving resistance to shock load and slow stiffness.   Some typical  uses currently are top quality cabinetry and church pews and pulpits.  That’s encouraging for those of us used to squashing into tiny pews from the middle of the 14thC!