Don’t Let OddJob Near Kitchen Cabinetry

There used to be a comedy programme years ago – about a completely hapless character who gets into mischief with things like home extensions and the like.   The show had a catchy tune and a visual ‘catchphrase’ of standing against the corner of a shop window and raising one leg outwards – it was a comical action.  All so sadly childish now!  However, a couple of episodes concerned the remodelling of his kitchen and scullery – or utility as we grandly call it now.  He hired a local odd job man – now less grandly called a cowboy. . . .  the lesson that stayed with me throughout my adult life was: check everything the tradesman says and check again.  Watch him measure up and then measure again.  Measure twice, cut once . . . Many a home project has been wrecked by shoddy workmanship, particularly where a ‘carpenter’ has been engaged under false pretences.   Fortunately most modern kitchens come in modular form and companies only use very experienced and qualified craftsmen to fit them.