Custom Built Wardrobes & Wall Filling Splendour

If you have an oddly shaped house or room, it can be very frustrating trying to get furniture to suit.  I’m thinking here of country cottages with those delightfully warped floorboards that creak ominously as you move about.  The walls are also very crooked and you discover the width at the bottom of the room varies by inches with the width in the middle and the top.  So conventional wardrobes and cabinetry is often an impossibility.   Engaging a professional cabinet maker or joiner will very soon sort out this inconvenience.  They are used to working around obstacles and will almost always be able to conjur up a design to make the most of the space and light available.    They are so skilled, that they can look at a space, however unprepocessing it appears – and they can see in their professional minds eye, that amazing hanging space with perhaps up and over slimline sliding doors, incorporating drawer units unerneath the high hanging space that’s brought down to eye and reach by way of a grabbing device.