Country Pile Needs Woodworking Expertise Big Time

A young couple I know have recently moved from their dear little three bedroomed starter home to a bigger place out in the country.  Attracted by the fields and oak trees, they are looking forward to many years of happy walking with their dogs and coming home to a nice warm country house.  The converted school rooms they’ve moved to have no fitted cupboards or cabinets beyond the kitchen.  They had fitted oak wood high and low line cabinets in their small house because it was the best space saving method.  Bathrooms and bedrooms had neat slimline oak finished work tops too.    So there will be much wood working needed in the new place to make the most of the space there too but with more luxurious feel – a professional oak woodworking company is being browsed and consulted as we speak – this will inlcude a new hand built kitchen for sure.