Christmas Approaches With Joinery Upgrade

The fast run up to the Christmas and new year season is now starting.  The holidays are over, those gloriously sunny days (?) of lounging on a beach, contented kiddies playing amicably by your side . . . .  no, rather thought not!  But anyway everyone is back where they should be now. School, college or university for the under 25s and work of sorts for the over 25s.  Same old, same old.

This is also the time though when new cabinets and furnishings need to be looked at in earnest.  I have a younger relative who is mid house move at the moment and she is needing to update every room in the new abode.  There are plans for this kitchen island and that style of work top.  I pointed out that by engaging the services of a truly professional joinery company, they can have everything they desire, designed and built by experts – very reasonably too.