Cabinets Ease The Piles Of Chaos & Ease The Mind

It can be such a problem to find homes for everything we own.  Living alone after being in a partnership can make it seem more of a task than it need be – if one partner is obsessively tidy, they usually do  your share as well; if only to make a point!  I do find now though that sorting out my cabinets in each room has helped me to focus on what I actually do need to keep and what should be ditched.  I found this useful after helping a relative with child care when she was struck down for a little while.  Her home is much more chaotic than mine, but then she has three teens and a husband who does a lot more saying than doing. . . .  We decided her problem would be eased with new cabinets in the kids’ rooms; her ensuite and the utility.  This was such a cathargic exercise.  Just sorting the piles of chaos helped her in an hour of need.