1980s Scullery Morphs Into Joinery Supplied Spacious Bliss

I was discussing the wide range of kitchen designs available today with a colleague.  We were bemoaning the lack of space in our previous 1980s built kitchens.  One of mine was literally only 2 metres by 1.5 metres – but we were desperate to get on the mortgage ladder in more challenging times than now . . . . and when viewing,  you don’t really take in what comes with a house.  I didn’t notice that the only cabinets in the kitchen were two ropey hardboard doors attached to the skeleton frame under the single drainer sink.  I failed also to notice the rickety 1940s free stander that had small double doors up top, a hinged pull down work top and larger double cupboard below that you could only access by shutting the worktop up first.  We dispensed with all that rubbish after week one.  With help from family, we installed proper fitted wall cabinets from MFI – the biggest name in mass kitchens and bathrooms at that time.  Oh the joy – we now had a double drainer stainless steel sink;  fitted wall cabinets above and below and a decent length of laminate worktop.  Today we call on designers who engage proper joiners and carpenters to produce individual, unique designs for our very important domestic hub.  Hurrah for those skills!